Pay Per Click Management

Pay per click (PPC) is a highly recommended and successful technique of paid search engine marketing that ensure top search engine ranking for your website Ads depending upon the amount you bid per keyword phrase. Search engines are paid each time customer click on the Ads. PPC marketing results are instant and is an excellent way to generate leads and sales for start-ups.

Our smart PPC campaign management services will bring more traffic to achieve your goals, whether it is for publicizing an event or selling products and services.


Keys to a successful Pay per Click campaign include:

Selection of right keywords

The key words you are targeting should be very specific of what you are offering on your site. If you do retail business then you should ensure that the people, who are finding your products, are linked to the web page where the purchase option is facilitated.

Understanding the economic structure

If you are looking to spend huge sums of money for a pay per click campaign you should ensure that you generate sufficient revenue for justifying the labor costs and not to forget financial outlay related to the campaign. The good thing about this is that you can control the costs by following a strict budget.

Controlling search experience

It is one of the most important aspects for advertising for the target audience. It is another option to make the advertisement, creative, informative, and entertaining for compelling potential clients for clicking your site. Just because someone has visited your website, doesn’t mean that they are interested in purchasing your products and services. So it is really vital to be best in terms of search expectations and your target audience.

Using metrics for staying ahead

The astonishing fact about pay per click campaign is that you will quickly know your results. This provides you with an opportunity to do A/B testing of keywords, landing pages and advertisements. It provides you with an opportunity to instantly end poor performing campaigns and improve the ones that are working well for you.

Geographical targeting

If you want to attract only local clients, we also provide you the facility to do this; you can specify whether you want to attract client’s city wise, state wise or country wise.


Pay per click allows you to advertise ads only on peak time, which ultimately enables you to find the right customer at the right time.

PPC Campaign Management Services are:

Google- AdWords:

Google Adwords enables you to view the conversion data to bring traffic to your business website. Companies’ Web design is one of the leading Google Adwords service providers in UK, UAE, and Pakistan.

Microsoft ad Center:

A Microsoft ad Center enables you to target visitors of yahoo, MSN, Bing and many other Microsoft networks. At Companies Web Design, we manage, optimize and set up your ad Center campaigns to deliver powerful advertising.

Yahoo: Search Ads:

With the help of our powerful Yahoo: Search Ads, you will be able to bring your business on the front seat and attract millions of searchers.

Google Product Listing Ads:

Product listing ads are the ads that include rich product images, information, merchant name and price without needing ad text and additional keywords.

PPC Reports:

Our PPC reports will place an advertisement of your business to the customers who are searching for your products online. Experience in managing this campaign on search engines is required, and our experienced PPC Analyst is there to help.

PPC Pricing:

We provide our clients with clear and competitive PPC pricing with no hidden costs. This is what we call Complete Transparency.